Visit from Craig Smith!

On Tuesday 19th November at 2.00pm we had a visit from a very special New Zealand song writer, singer, and author, Craig Smith.

Craig said he is a musician first, and then he makes some of his songs into books. He’s inspired by Neil YoungBob DylanCat Stevens, and singing with his Mum and Nana. He visits lots if schools and libraries when he’s touring, the biggest school had 1300 kids, and the smallest had only 4 kids!

Craig stayed for an hour with us and played lots of his songs, and signed books the children had brought along or purchased on the day. Everyone had a wonderful time.

Craig takes questions from the children.
Craig takes questions from the children.

Many children has questions for Craig, like:

Q: How do you get so many interesting words?
A: Craig uses a Rhyming Dictionary (try this rhyming dictionary!)

Q: How do you make the drop found?
A: (This is difficult to describe!)

Q: What inspired you to write the wonky donkey?
A: It started with a joke!

Q: What inspired you to write Wilby the Bumblebee?
A: Craig’s Mum gave him the idea, but also watching nature is a good inspiration

A key message from Craig was for everyone to “keep your eyes and ears open for inspiration”. That sounds like a great idea.