Board of Trustees – Meeting Summary 17/9/14

Apart from agenda business at Wednesday night’s Board of Trustees Meeting, two subjects provided a good example of the school’s character.
That afternoon, Sacred Heart had been represented by pupils, parents and board members at the funeral of Paddy McLaughlan. Paddy had never lived in the Valley but through his grandchildren he became part of the school community. A few words on the funeral tributes page sum up the tremendous time and  effort he put into helping the school, especially with his unique, personal approach to fund raising. On his part, Paddy often expressed his deep appreciation for the warm, friendly atmosphere that surrounded the whole school “family”.

Another example of the healthy culture of Sacred Heart is shown in the way Stephen Hopkins has been able to smoothly lead the school in his time of standing in for Paul. The Board expressed their appreciation for his competence and the way in which he enthusiastically embraced the spirit of the school community. Like Paddy McLaughlan, Stephen has been loud in his praise for all who make the school such a happy place to work in.

Jim Neilan