Snippets from the Board of Trustees Meeting, October 22nd 2014

In this meeting, among general business and welcoming back Mr Richardson from sabbatical, the Board discussed two exciting developments.

Making iPads available to pupils has been on the Board of Trustees agenda for some time. Questions of price, guarantees, servicing etc and whether it’s better to lease or buy, have all been looked at carefully and we hope that these latest education tools should be up and running for the beginning of Term One, next year.

Plans for upgrading the library has been another ongoing consideration for the Board. Various school libraries have been visited in order to compare and assess different ideas. We hope to soon have some definite plans for shelving and wall covering which will make the library a more functional and inviting part of the school.

Any of the members of the Board of Trustees would be happy to discuss these or any other topics you wish to raise.