Welcome back!

Kia ora koutou
We are looking forward to seeing the children back at school tomorrow as our new school year begins. You are welcome to join us at 9am in the library as we gather to welcome new students and our new teacher Mrs Bronwyn Bradshaw.
Sid Mosdell - CC BY https://www.flickr.com/photos/sidm/6557924841
Sid Mosdell – CC BY https://www.flickr.com/photos/sidm/6557924841New classroom names

New classroom names

We have an exciting change in the naming of our teaching and learning areas:

  • Ruma Kiwi refers to our junior school area (Yr 1/2)
  • Ruma Tui refers to our middle school area (Yr 3/4)
  • Ruma Toroa refers to our senior school area (Yr 5/6)
This new terminology will become more familiar to you in the weeks ahead!

Our students are excelling

Our Literacy and Numeracy data for 2014 shows a very pleasing increase in achievement from the previous year for children achieving at or above national expectations:
  • Reading 86% to 93%
  • Writing 83% to 93%
  • Mathematics 92% to 93%
We are looking forward to working closely with the children as we set their learning goals for the term. We welcome your involvement and in particular any questions you may have. If you’re interested in learning more about the National Standards, you can read about them here:

 New after school programme available

For those busy working families who may require after school care, an OSCAR approved after school care programme, Play Ball Dunedin, has been established at DNI directly across the road from our school. Please check their website for more information and enrollment instructions.
Kind regards
Paul Richardson